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The history of piracy dates back more than 3000 years and one of the oldest documents' dates to Pharo Echnaton (1350 BC). Pirate ships were armed with cannons and long-range guns and upon boarding ships pirates used various means of combat tools such as muskets, pistols and the cutlass.

As a lot of us have been fascinated by pirates and buried treasure over time I have decide in my humble attempt to share what I have gather from many hours exploring the legends and tales of old.

Some may be true and others possible fabrication but nonetheless interesting to delve into this curiosity of what drives a person to take risks and battle the elements for only a slim hope of treasure.

Sit back and relax to take a journey with me and peruse the pages of this site and batten the hatches, weigh anchor and prepare to board the Marauders of the Coin.